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Package 6S - Access to The Successful Job Search Center (SJSC) Platform 24/7  for a period of 6 weeks

You'll receive: 6 Career management consulting sessions of no longer than 60 minutes each.

(Note: To keep us sharp and on task is a good practice to add the following: If the circumstance warrants it, If we go over the 60 minutes by 10 mns or more, will deduct in 15 mns increments for the remaining sessions)

This Package of sessions is of 6 weeks time starting on our first meeting. Approximately 1 session per week.

This is a virtual Package delivery (Sessions on the phone or Skype based on choice and technical capabilities).

This Package also includes access to the Platform SJSC for a period of 6 weeks at no extra cost.

The cost of this Package is of $550.00

(This Package is to be paid at front and is not refundable regardless of the sessions used.)

Please deposit $550.00 using Zelle the email connected to the account is nedgep@yahoo.com